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OFFI HOUSE EGER In the heart of the lively Kis Dobó Square, you’ll find the OFFI HOUSE EGER, a charming 18th-century late Baroque building. We’ve made it our mission to preserve the Baroque elements while combining them with modern hospitality in the design of our accommodation. In total, we offer 5 rooms, each equipped with a shower bathroom for our guests’ convenience. Our rooms are air-conditioned, providing a cool refuge even on the hottest days. Additionally, free Wi-Fi and a smart TV with 69 available channels are at the disposal of our guests. Two of the rooms offer views towards the castle and the Minaret, which means they face Végvári Vitézek Square, while the other three rooms overlook Dobó Square. The rooms are equipped with twin beds, and some can accommodate extra beds, allowing us to comfortably host up to 12 guests at our accommodation.

Thanks to our central location, all the attractions are easily accessible within a few minutes’ walk from our establishment.

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Castler of Eger

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This centuries-old building came into our family as a legacy, but the three of us were almost lost within its walls. As I sat there, gazing at the grand ceiling and the impressive windows, it occurred to me that we could bring joy to others by transforming OFFI HOUSE into a restaurant and accommodation. We hope that the building still exudes a homely atmosphere because it’s a small hotel that genuinely welcomes its guests in a family-like setting.”

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