Arany oroszlán Restaurant and wine bar

Bükk and international cuisine, excellent Eger wines

Our restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in Eger. We highlight the famous Hungarian hospitality and Bükk traditions in our restaurant. We are happy to assist you in making the perfect choice and strive to recommend suitable wine pairings because Eger is the land of wines, and we collaborate with multiple wineries to ensure everyone finds something to their liking with us!

We regularly update our menu with seasonal specialties, and we always have a changing seasonal offer for our guests. At our place, both young and old will surely find something they enjoy!

We aim to design our menu inclusively, offering dishes for vegetarians and guests with food sensitivities.


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Monday-Sunday: 12:00-22:00

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From Bükkalja venison stew to chocolate mousse

We offer regional delicacies in our menu, such as game ragout soup with forest mushrooms. Additionally, you can find renowned Hungarian dishes, like the pork medallions a la “cigánypecsenye” or homemade Somlói galuska with chocolate sauce, which is widely famous in the region. Our onion-covered pork knuckle baked in wheat beer with potato wedges is also known far and wide. We highly recommend trying it; we believe it won’t disappoint!

Of course, we aim to satisfy all tastes, so our menu also includes international dishes, such as gnocchi with forest mushroom sauce made from fresh Bükk mushrooms.

Our restaurant, Arany Oroszlán, has received the patronage of the Hungarian National Gastronomy Association, which means it belongs to a professionally inspected and respected circle of Hungarian and international restaurants.


On the Cozy Terrace

Naturally, in Eger, it’s hard to imagine a good lunch or dinner without a glass of wine: at our place, you can find the complete wine selection of Thummerer Pince, chosen as the winery of the year, and one of Eger’s most famous and best wineries.

The restaurant features a charming terrace on Kis Dobó Square during the summer and a heated winter garden during the winter. So, while sitting in the heart of the historic city center, you can admire the most beautiful attractions.


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“I grew up in this atmosphere, ate these dishes during my childhood. The Arany Oroszlán Restaurant is filled with the scent of home for me, and it immediately brings to mind my favorite dishes, like the herb-infused trout from Szalajka Valley or the Somlói Galuska, of which I had the privilege to learn the story of its birth first-hand. When you come to visit us, we hope you’ll feel the same way.”

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Arany Oroszlán Restaurant and Wine Bar

Opening hours: 12:00 – 22:00